Black and White


Whereas mysticism and religion describe the world in terms of the interaction of opposites, Black and White interprets information, the text and numbers flowing through a computer network, as a primal dance of zeroes and ones - opposing forces.  Black and White is an "un-visualization" that translates the lowest level data, a stream of zeroes and ones, into a drawing using a black line and a white line.  The occurrences of zero and one in the data push the black and white lines in opposite directions, while the lines also attract toward their mutual center.  The liens circle on another, drawing out the information quite precisely yet a a form that cannot possibly convey meaning as we know it.  Black and White is about dissolving information.  It points to the inherently indescribable experience that lies just outside the reach of our language.

Project Created: 
September 2007
People: Mark Napier
Project Type: Exhibited Project