Bluetooth Beats: A DJ Hero Experiment


Bluetooth Beats is a physical turntable emulator. With a DJ Hero controller, a Wiimote, OSCulator, and PureData, Bluetooth Beats gives anyone the ability to manipulate and scratch songs like a DJ without the need for expensive, professional equipment.

The purpose of the official DJ Hero game is to reproduce the experience of being an actual DJ. For example, in the game, when a user places their finger on the 'vinyl' and pulls in a certain direction it makes a scratch sound. These actions take place in a controlled environment, with set songs and scratch points, where a user follows prompts provided by the game - scoring points for reproducing the sounds in the game.

Instead of recording a user's actions and sending them to the DJ Hero software, Bluetooth Beats uses the DJ Hero turntable controller to send data about a user's actions to a computer program that allows the user to manipulate a chosen song in real-time, and wirelessly. Currently Bluetooth Beats allows the user to change volume, stop/start, rewind and fastforward, scratch, and sample in real time.

Project Created: 
June 2010