Boolean Architecture

Untitled Prototype (c) Nick Hornby 2011

What happens when you mix things together?   Do you make brown?  Or do you make explosions, or riots, or Chords and triads, Pop-art, or postmodernism?  

Architecture is built layer upon layer onto of itself:  Vitruvius, Alberti, Paladio, Loos, Gropius, Koolhaas.   Buildings are built and understood in the terms of a hybridised international language - points, rounds, mechanical and organic, horizontal and vertical.    In this 6 month residency at Eyebeam, Nick researched the possibility of Architectural design by means of the Boolean operation – making new designs by the overlap of other existing buildings. Nick is a UK based sculptor who makes multi-faceted works by overlapping references and carving out their commonality. Here at Eyebeam he has stretched his investigation into the realm of Architecture with references ranging from the elevation of the White House, to the cross-section of the Guggenheim, ...Falling Water, the Villa Savoye, and McDonalds Golden Arches;  nothing sacred or out of bounds.  


The result is a contradiction: an irreverence to context and emphasis on form is at odds with the frame of deconstruction.   Meaning is at the heart of this enquiry.  Yet out of this comes some fantastical mega-stuctures, fragments and failures and some functional designs that are intended to be realised as public artworks / usable pavilions… to exist in the public realm... to be sat in, touched, used, as shelter, as folly, as enquiry and provocation, in an urban setting or in a landscape. 




Project Created: 
February 2011