City in a Soundwalk


City in a Soundwalk proposes an augmented experience of the urban soundscape. Begin with the physical practice of the soundwalk. Add personal narrative, a forum for sharing opinion and debate, visual imagery, historical context, socioeconomic background, cultural details, sound recordings, environmental data, maps and more. What emerges is a community gathering place and multi-media accumulation point for sensory immersion in the New York City environment.

The focus of the soundscape youth workshop is to generate interest in the urban soundscape by having students help build and participate in the on-line, multi-media sound, ecology and culture mapping project, City in a Soundwalk (CIAS). We will use CIAS to teach the basic practice of soundwalking and encourage participants to explore a more involved, responsible relationship with their sonic environment. The course will rely on free or low-cost tools for multi-media content creation and collaborative on-line community development.

Project Created: 
May 2006


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