com_muni_port is a portable radio broadcast unit created for short range pedestrian broadcasting. com_muni_port models itself after historical military, scientific, and media-related mobile communication devices. Yet, to distinguish it from its predecessors, com_muni_port activates the local, and functions as a tool for information dissemination and public participation.

com_muni_port is a self-contained backpack transmitter unit used for broadcasting ‘on the fly’. While itinerant, its transmission range is determined and limited by the plateaus and canyons of urban space - its dispatch is an invisible membrane of suspended audio whose radius moves with the user.

com_muni_port consists of an FM transmitter, CD player, microphone, headphones and multi-channel mixer, all powered by a battery pack. Its portability renders its use within political rallies and marches, by mapping audio frequency within a city, and spontaneous interviewing and broadcasting. com_muni_port has myriad communicatory and interventionary functions, all in one unit.

Project Created: 
September 2003
People: neuroTransmitter
Project Type: Exhibited Project