Curling Photo Booth

Photo: Shalin Scupham

This photo booth was created for the “Olympiad” mixer that took place on March 12&13th, 2010. The following materials were used for the curling stone hat:

  • Red & Silver Pleather
  • Batting – to give the puffy look in the silver area
  • Cardboard – to stiffen the vertical part of the side of the stone, to give shape to the red top
  • Stiff wire – to stiffen handle part
  • Glue gun – to stick top to metal stone

A person gets under the stage, sticks his head through the hole, and wears the curling stone hat. The other people stand on the stage either releasing the stone, or brushing. Group photo is taken! More photos are here on flickr.

Project Created: 
April 2010