Current Projects

Some of the exciting and innovative projects currently being designed and realized by Eyebeam Fellows, Residents, and Student Residents.


Social Turkers

Created June 2013

  1. Lauren McCarthy

What if we could receive real-time feedback on our social interactions? I developed a system like this for myself using Amazon Mechanical Turk to explore in the form of a performance. During a month of continuous dates with new people...

  • Design

  • Performance Art

  • Software



Created April 2012

  1. Daniel Neumann

CT-SWaM (Contemporary Temporary Sound Works And Music) is Eyebeam’s late night concert series curated by Eyebeam Alumni Daniel Neumann, happening intermittently in Eyebeam’s Main Space.

The series focusses on contemporary sound experiments, electro-acoustic multi-channel performance, social relations...

  • Sound

  • Performance Art

  • Sound


Face Cages

Created January 2014

  1. Zach Blas

The success of today’s booming biometrics industry resides in its promise to rapidly measure an objective, truthful, and core identity from the surface of a human body, often for a mixture of commercial, state, and military interests. Yet, feminist communications scholar Shoshana Amielle Magnet has...


Fair Use(r)

Created November 2013

  1. Elisa Kreisinger

Based on a nation-wide survey of artists and content creators, Fair Use(r) examines the challenges and legal implications facing artists who upload their work to hosting platforms such as YouTube, Blip, Tumblr and Soundcloud.

  • Activism


South Studio Zero

Created August 2014

  1. Torkwase Dyson

Torkwase Dyson is readying herself to live nomadically in Studio South Zero (SSZ), the tiny solar powered mobile studio she has built from the ground up.   With it she will cross the country, exploring geographical sites influenced by climate change and environmental injustice....

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