Data Viz Challenge


The Challenge: Visualize Your Taxes

We give you the numbers; you make them speak to us.

Every year, Americans fill out income tax forms and make their payments to the IRS. It’s an important civic duty, but do we really know where our tax dollars go? Using data provided by, Eyebeam challenges you to create data visualizations that make it easier and more interesting for taxpayers to understand just how the government spends our money.

Our expert jury will be awarding $10,000 – including $5,000 for the top interactive web application, graphic, or video submitted by an individual or a team. All winners will be featured on, the Official Google Blog,, and Fast Company’s design blog, Co.Design. You must be a U.S. resident and 18 years of age to be eligble for an award. Entries are due midnight, March 27, 2011; winners are announced on Tax Day, April 18.

Eyebeam believes that open culture, creative design, and compelling data visualization have the capacity to make information transparent, educate citizens, and change communities. The Data Viz Challenge is a call to action – to show and to see how our tax dollars are spent.

Check out to learn more about the challenge, view examples, and get the data.

Live in the NYC area? Join a team of data viz all-stars to get hands-on support in designing your own visualization on February 26 at Eyebeam. Register here.

This challenge was created by Eyebeam and Google, with data provided by

Project Created: 
February 2011


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