Day Night Day Night

scene from Day Night Day Night

Day Night Day Night is about an aspiring young female suicide bomber. The project will be shot half in HDCAM and half in HDV and transferred to 35mm. Loktev calls the project, "an inaction movie" as it is ultimately a film where nothing actually happens.

A girl arrives in New York with plans to explode a backpack bomb in Times Square. She is young, speaks with no accent, has no identifiable ethnicity. We never see the bomb. We never learn why she made her decision, whom she represents, what she believes in; all we know is she believes that her intended act is not just right but righteous. The film takes place in a little over 24 hours, focusing on microscopic movements and smallest gestures. Once dispatched in her mission, alone for the first time, the film becomes a series of missteps and setbacks, trials and failures. Based very loosely on a possibly fictional newspaper story of a Chechen girl suicide bomber wandering around Moscow, a story that the real life suicide bomber later claimed she made up. Like both Dreyer’s or Bresson’s Joan of Arc, the film transpires on the girl’s face. The film is not so much about terrorism but about the tension between faith and failure, offering no answers, only questions.

Project Created: 
January 2005
People: Julia Loktev
Research: Production Lab
Project Type: Digital Cinema, Video
Tags: Julia Loktev