Digital Material Sunflower


In 2010 the Diego de la Vega network made a certain amount of cash over Google Adsense. It was so little, yet in a way this represented the Gross Domestic Product of 2010 of the cooperative media conglomerate. In January 13 2011, ten thousand pixels (1/10,000) of a Digital Maoist Sunflower were coined and by democratic vote distributed the next day using a market socialist approach: allocating the pixels of a Digital Maoist Sunflower as budget for the Diego de la Vega enterprises, that way the collectivity made money and not the individuals directly. This 10,000 pixels represented a year in business, and thru the use of these, it was expected to generate sufficient trade to activate the virtual community economy and socialize the sunflower network coin.

Today the currency is called Digital Material Sunflower, and is a virtual currency backed up by inmaterial labor, alternative commodities, precious metals, and assorted global currencies, as such it is floating throughout the week. You can acquire DMS at Spacebank, which can be spent domestically on the network or invested at the Brooklyn Stock Exchange. For a reliable exchange rate we recommend the Currency Converter which comes by default on Apple computers dashboard.

Project Created: 
January 2011
People: Fran Ilich
Project Type: Activism
Tags: Banking Virtual Currency