Eyebeam After-School Special at Q2L's Super Art + Design Challenge Wednesdays!

Screen-shots of video mash-ups created with Jeff Crouse

Eyebeam Art and Technology Center and The Institute of Play, have collaborated to design three workshops at Quest to Learn, a brand-new NYC public school.

Students will work on topics like video remix, sound design, and the engineering of paper folding. Workshop learning standards include: digital tool use, the process of iterating and prototyping ideas, and critical-thinking and problem-solving. This program is offered to students at Q2L during Early-Release Wednesdays throughout December.




Workshops offered to Q2L students include:

YouTube Remix Mania
Eyebeam senior fellow and interactive software designer Jeff Crouse will talk to students about the art of the remix. Students will turn a critical eye towards what they see and learn to remix their YouTube favorites.

Electronic Soundscape Design
Eyebeam alum, and sound designer Hans-Christoph Steiner will explore the relationship between sounds and the world around us using Pure Data (aka Pd), a graphics-based software program. By the end of the day, students will be creating their own soundscapes and controlling electronic sounds using their computer mouse.

Superhero Costume Design Using Crazy Cool Paper-Folding Techniques
FairytaleFashion.org creator, fashion designer and Eyebeam resident Diana Eng, will work with students to explore the mechanical engineering behind deployable structures by using paper folding techniques to design superhero costumes.


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Project Created: 
November 2009
People: Diana Eng, Hans-Christoph Steiner, Jeff Crouse, Katie Salen, Stephanie Pereira
Research: Education
Project Type: Learning, Video, Wearables, Web
Tags: education, FairytaleFashion, institute of play, pd, Pure data, q2l, youth programs
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