Floating In Dreams


Floating In Dreams is a project based on my dream of becoming a living, working artist.

This sculpture pays tribute to an artist that I look up to, when I saw this image appear in a Gorillaz music video, "Feel Good Inc". The artist Jamie Hewlett has inspired me to take something from the world he created and pay tribute that means so much to me.

This sculpture is nothing political, social, economical, or cultural (or, that's my intention). It is simply something that represents my journey towards becoming an artist, and really making my dreams come "true".

Dustyn Roberts along with Stephanie Pereira helped me create gears to make the windmill turn. Thanks to Dustyn, we were able to use the lego pieces that she had from a robotics class, and create the windmill's spinning blades. The intention for the gears was to use simple machinery.

Because this was the last project that I would complete under the student residency program, I wanted to do something sentimental to paint a picture for the future.


Project Created: 
June 2010