Flying Spy Potatoes: Landing Sites


Flying Spy Potatoes uses oversized silver helium "infoballoons" equipped with miniature wireless cameras to question perceptions of our urban environment.The urban space of New York City played a vital role in the works develpoment as Marketou spent considerable time during 2003 making public interventions by walking through major portals, train platforms and places of transit in New York City while recording the vertical, vision of the bird's eye view through a wireless camera mounted and hidden in an oversize silver helium balloon held at the end of a 30 feet tether. Marketou's three channel video installation features past interventions using the balloons at Grand Central Station and the World Trade Center mixed with a live feed from gallery visitors who accept missions with them in a on-going game to investigating the neighborhood. Eyebeam serves as "headquarters" as the audience will find information, maps, CDs,video cassettes and other project info as well as information about the missions and "landing sites". Daily sign-ups for gaming Tuesday through Saturday through the run of the exhibition.

Project Created: 
January 2003