The latest release from Eyebeam R&D is ForwardTrack, a system for tracking and mapping the circulation of email forwards, political calls-to-action and petitions. ForwardTrack is designed to encourage activism by graphically revealing the power of social-networks and demonstrating the impact of the individual's voice in the political process. ForwardTrack is currently being beta tested via Tom's Petition and is available to the public in an open source version at the ForwardTrack site.

This was a project by Eyebeam R&D

Development: Michael Frumin, Michal Migurski

Concept: Jonah Peretti, Michael Frumin, Alex Galloway, Cory Arcangel, James Powderly, Kenyatta Cheese, Jesse Bednarz, Ian Curry (guest)

Web Design: Ann Poochareon

Project Created: 
January 2004


Is this project still

Is this project still available? Clicking the link to gave me a 404 error. Also, the files aren't available at sourceforge.