Freemedia & Youth Exchange


Eyebeam and the UK’s MediaShed a free-media community center in Southend by the Sea, have been working closely on the development of Gearbox, an open-source, online media-making toolkit. On February 2, Eyebeam's Student Residents, Senior Fellows and staff will travel to Southend by the Sea for six days to meet, share practices, and develop collaborative projects using Gearbox. MediaShed youth will travel to NYC on February 12 complete the projects and install them in Eyebeam’s galleries.

This exchange will culminate in an all-day Free Media Workshop on February 16, which will focus on the use of “free-cycled” materials to create new and innovative forms of public infrastructure. Eyebeam and MediaShed participants, together with workshop participants, will present their projects and discuss the idea and application of “free media”. The event will close with public reception celebrating the exchange.

Gearbox was developed by Jeff Crouse, Chris Sugrue, Evan Harper and Geraldine Juárez in the Production Lab for Mediashed.

Project Created: 
February 2007