Frontier Prime Space Suit

Ben in Spacesuit

The Frontier Prime spacesuit is the first complete pressure garment ever produced at Eyebeam.  It features a unique heat sealed bladder and easy to use nylon restraint system.  Overall weight is just 13 pounds without life support systems, and it is designed to be adjustable to fit an overall 95 percentile human.  The Frontier Prime also features a high canopy visor with a large range of visibility.   The right hand glove is provided by Nikolay Moiseev, and features soft fingertips and a preliminary metacarpal joint.  The left hand glove is provided by Ted Southern, and is an ultra-low torque single layered glove.

The suit was unveiled at Eyebeam on July 16, 2010.   See links for press coverage:

Project Created: 
July 2010
Projects: Spacesuit Gloves
People: Ted Southern
Project Type: Wearables
Tags: aerospace