Gearbox is the outcome of twelve-months development work between the MediaShed and Eyebeam, to create a resource for low-budget filmmaking. Comprised of “how to” step by step examples, Gearbox shows people innovative ways of recording footage using unusual combinations of found resources (such as CCTV Video Sniffin' or Spy Kiting) and low-budget methods of reproducing professional film making techniques (for example, achieving a crane shot using a fishing pole). This one-stop shop for all your moving image needs places a potent means of expression in the hands of people irrespective of money, status or environment. Building on the core aims of “free-media”, it offers new ways of thinking about and using technology and media available within the environment, of recycling and re-using outdated and junked equipment, and of adapting cheap materials from local DIY and electronic stores.

It encourages people to further develop means of expression, equipment and ideas by uploading their work for comment and sharing. Gearbox invites people and other organisations to become involved with the development of the Gearbox website by developing new film projects and up-loading their own content. This will put filmmaking tools into the hands of more individuals who may have wholly different approaches to using them, creating a sharable, reusable and expandable resource.

The MediaShed is the first “free-media” space to open in the East of England and is located at the mouth of the Thames. It's a place for doing art, making things or just saying what you want for little or no financial cost by using the public domain, free and open source software, recycled equipment and enthusiasm. It's also a place to say what you want “freely”, using accessible media systems that can be taken apart and reused without unnecessary restrictions and controls. The MediaShed was founded by members of Mongrel, an internationally recognized digital arts organization.

Project Created: 
April 2007