hands-on GET-UP


HANDS-ON GET-UP are a collection of wearable structures designed specifically to inspire
pro-active creativity, expressive movement and unexpected consequences.  Whilst in
residence at Eyebeam, I have been creating two parallel projects that express this working
model.  Both schemes incorporate the themes of body, technology and performance, as well
as being inspired by my experiences here in New York City.


Wear in the city?
This Project aims to explore wearable artefacts as tools for singular or collective expression within the
city space. Following a series of creative workshops, I am developing a set of body-centric structures
that initiate proactive interaction between inquisitive urbanites. These wearable objects will be fashioned
in materials that reflect their city surroundings.  Ambiguous in aesthetic, they will appear both familiar
and alien.  Ripe for discovery and investigation, each piece will be hidden in containers specifically
designed to merge with the city landscape. An extension of clothing, each piece will be used to
encourage social exchange, simultaneously unveiling a series of potential narratives. As transformable
wearable sculptures, they will challenge expectations of those around us.

2d 3d
This project comprises of a series of fragmented 2 dimensional structures that will be left in public
spaces for discovery.  Like transformable, textural graffiti, they will appear to merge with the urban
landscape, growing up the wall or spilling onto the pavement.  They will scar the landscape like an acid
coloured virus, enticing the inquisitive to touch, play and experiment.  I will be interested to see to what
extent individuals are inclined to become adventurers of their own portable space.  How do co-
habitants of the surrounding environment respond?  Will this become a collaborative experience that
draws people together?

It is my aim to initiate and document a series of on-street experiments for both projects, all of witch will
be revealed on the HANDS-ON GET-UP blog.  So remember, always keep your eyes peeled when
meandering in the city; you never know what you might stumble upon...  

D I    M A I N S T O N E

Project Created: 
July 2009
Projects: Hands-On Get-UP
People: Aline Fader, Brian, Di Mainstone, Jason Lim, Jen Park, Kendal, Rachel Lamb
Project Type: Wearables
Tags: architecture, Fashion, performance, technology, Wearable