I ♥ Bushwick

"I wish for a tasty dish", what would you wish for?

I ♥ Bushwick juxtaposed creativity with community to form an interactive neighborhood get together. I ♥ Bushwick was an community party with activities of all sorts, activities with no age restrictions allowing the community to bond and become further connected to one another.

Caroline Spivack and Jade Highleyman collaborated with Masha, another teen working with Captial B, to recreate a miniture, Dutch colonial Bushwick. Caroline created Bushwick Wishing Trees; wire trees wrapped in yarn and ribbon, where people to could festoon the trees with their wishes for the Bushwick community using Bushwick shaped leaves. She also made hand-sown dolls, which were meant to represent the diverse citizenry of Bushwick. Jade created the landscape for the trees, including a few wooden trees, bushes, and wild animals cut out using the laser cutter. She also created a video house in the style of old Bushwick, which framed an iPod playing short interviews with Bushwick citizens, conducted by Masha.

wishing trees

masha's  interviews

Luther Cherry set the mood with his Technicolor Canopy, a tarp of multi-colored patches spanning the ceiling, catching the light and sprinkling it with color. Zoe Penina Baker designed the seating, crowding the room with several repurposed empty barley sacks upcycled from a local brewery.

luther's canopy

Christina Kral contributed a cultural remix snacks where she integrated food items popular in different cultures with one another in order to create a bite-sized banquet. Her food ranged from the exotic—cream cheese bagels layered with sliced pears and apricot jam—to the simple yet delicious, pepperoni bites. All versions of her snacks were relatively simple, designed for people to easily recreate and remix.

christina's snacks

DJ Fancy Pants entertained us with his music, spinning beats from a DJ booth designed by Luther while Jonah Bokaer, Michelle Mola and Davon Rainey shared their unique performance art. The Laurel Dance Program provided a quick Chinese Jump Rope lesson with hours of fun to follow.Bags for the People also made an apperance; making re-usable bags from repurposed clothing and fabric and handing them out in order to curb plastic bag use. People were able to make their own bags with a professional sewing machine and a variety of materials.

the dj booth

The opportunities were seemingly endless at I ♥ Bushwick and the goal was to reestablish and familiarize the community with one another through interactive art. At the end of the day everyone left with the satisfied feeling of being able to broaden their horizons if not some one else. Follow the link below for the full list of contributors.

jade, luther, caroline

Project post by Student Resident, Caroline Spivack


Project Created: 
September 2009