I shot Andy Warhol


i shot andy warhol is an 8-bit game hack. Playable on any standard Nintendo Entertainment System [1984] and television set, the i shot andy warhol cartridge is a modified version of the interactive light gun game, Hogan's Alley. Arcangel created it by reverse-engineering the graphics format of Hogan's Alley, and soldering a modified graphics chip onto the original cartridge. In i shot andy warhol, players are asked to shoot various 8-bit versions of Andy Warhol, while being careful to avoid other characters such as the Pope, Flavor Flav, and Colonel Sanders.

Cory Arcangel's work is concerned with technology's relationship to culture and the creative process, and is often constructed from obsolete computers found at thrift stores and garage sales. He is a member of the Radical Software Group, and a founding member of the "BEIGE" Programming Ensemble, and of "The 8-bit Construction Set." His work has appeared at Deadtech Gallery, Chicago; Fassbender Gallery, Chicago; Moving Image Gallery, New York; Daniel Reich, New York; Bitforms, New York; The New York Underground Film Festival; Lothringer13, as part of the Make-World Festival, Munich, Germany; and Whitney Artport.

Project Created: 
October 2002
Projects: I Shot Andy Warhol
People: Cory Arcangel
Research: Education Lab
Project Type: Game, Hacking
Tags: hacking, video games