Kabul: Constitutions (2003-05)


Kabul: Constitutions investigates the question of how our imaginaries of the architectures of democracy overlap with the real spaces where the structures of the state are materially and politically invested and contested. Viewers participating in an interactive video installation and accompanying web project are placed within the particular space and moment of the Constitutional Loya Jirga, the tribal council or national assembly of winter 2003-04, where Afghanistan's representatives debated, amended and ultimately adopted their new constitution. During the run of the exhibition, viewers will be able to engage further with the ideas underlying the experience of first-person navigation of the material by participating in periodic "guided tours" of the installation that will be given by the artist, by following the trail of analytic and contextual information that goes back to March 2003 on kabul-reconstructions.net, or by contributing to the new public dialogue forum on imaginaries of democracy that will be built into the website.

Project Created: 
January 2004