L.A.S.E.R. Tag


The Mobile Broadcast Unit with L.A.S.E.R Tag System (LTS) is the latest Open Source, Weapon of Mass Defacement developed by the Graffiti Research Lab in the Eyebeam R&D OpenLab. NYC! This tactical tool allows any citizen, graff writer, artist or protester to use a projector, camera and laser to write, in real-time, on large-scale surfaces and structures from a distance of 100's of meters away. Citizens can post their art, messages and propaganda on a scale previously monopolized by advertisers, governments, major media, and other cultural tyrants. The BMU + LTS is self-contained and mobile, mounted on a giant trike. This unit has its own power supply, custom armatures and a 1200 watt audio system. Like previous work by the GRL, the MBU + LTS has been created as a tool to amplify the voices of everyday citizens and people in the fringe: artists, activists, pranksters and other undesirables in opposition to the dominant global cultural forces of consumerism, control and oppression. By Graffiti Research Lab

Project Created: 
January 2006


I'd like to know which

I'd like to know which projector was used. I'd imagine there aren't many projectors capable of shooting that far.

you guys should make a

you guys should make a Facebook Fan Page

E- Mail me if u do

This laser graffiti

This laser graffiti technology is quite something isn´t it?

I´ve seen all the GRL videos but I´ve also come across some lesser known ones, thought people might enjoy them too: