Lincoln Ocean Victor Eddy

During her residency, Jill developed a series of projects based on experiences working the night-shift with a police officer who she has been shadowing, off the record.
Multimedia Installation: Printed book; MTA CCTV dvd's, sound works, objects, and framed digital photographs.

"Last winter I came back to New York City after living five years abroad. I rented an apartment in Brooklyn and took the subway often. Everyone is in transit, except the officers. I approached one and asked him to search me. I began to accompany this officer on many of his nighttime posts. He was not sure if he could trust me, and I was not sure if I should trust him. We continued to meet despite this.
I kept record of our meetings and logged them in different forms." Jill Magid

Project Created: 
January 2006
People: Jill Magid
Research: Urban Research
Project Type: Installation, Photo, Video
Tags: Interference


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