Mapping Paradise


The USA has by far the greatest number of places called Paradise.

The first voyagers to the Americas really believed they had found Eden; Columbus called it “the terrestrial paradise." But the founders of the US took that idea in a new direction: paradise as a place to be simultaneously discovered and made.

So it seems consistent with the mixture of American literalism and idealism, that if you punch in "paradise" for any of the American states, google maps pulls up something, an unincorporated township, a valley, a county …

In the long wake of utopias and in full view of continued war and the ruins of the economic crisis, we plan an interactive web-based map of Paradise (USA) using google’s personalized maps feature. Video, audio, photo, webcam and text files will be uploaded and viewable for the various locations called paradise.

Through the new utopian promises of virtual technologies our project examines the old, but nonetheless virtual, uber-utopia of paradise.


Project Created: 
March 2010
People: Abou Caraballo-Farman, caraballo-farman, Leonor Caraballo-Farman
Research: Open Culture
Project Type: Web
Tags: Google Maps, usa, utopia