MetaFlora is to bring life to things that cannot sustain life. It is a flower-powered statement that comments on the absence of nature in the streets of New York City.

An urban street intervention developed for UWAC Day, the student residents, along with Doris Cacolio, Sonali Sridhar, and window farmer Maya Nayak came up with the idea of MetaFlora. Each MetaFlora flower has seedpods in the middle of blossoms crafted from newspaper and crepe paper; they were designed to support plant life where plant life does not grow. The newspaper acts as a semi-porous shell to hold moisture for the seed-pod, and the colorful crepe paper attracts passersby to take a closer look: the miracle of life happening on the side of a building, on construction scaffolding, and even on road blocks.

Wanting to keep eco-friendly, most of the materials used were post-consumer and biodegradable. On UWAC day, we invited people to make flowers with us, and then hit the street to festoon drab, urban spaces with colorful flowers.

The project is so DIY, that it's almost DIYWF! (Do It Yourself With Friends!)

Instructions for making your own flowers, details, and photos on the project page on the UWAC website:

Project Created: 
March 2010