Andreas Berner's Moments project visually represents memories of people that are close to him. The stories reflect on the feeling of being alone, establishing a dichotomy between the notion of isolation and solitude that underlie the feeling that the memories are based on. It is a project that talks about in-between events that take place when one least expects them, situations that are more felt that observed during moments of utmost uncertainty. Told without narration, Berner would like chronicle a simplicity without sentimentality that sometimes borders on the mundane, to reflect on moments that could none the less mark a life-altering process.

The piece consists of an even amount (2, 4, etc.) of significant personal memories related to Berner by close friends in a single paragraph. The experiences relate to specific memories that either concern Isolation, defined as an involuntary detachment from others, a negative incentive, or Solitude, the voluntary condition of separating from others; a positive incentive. The identities of the participants will not be revealed. The piece will consist of mixed media: collage, photogram, film, video, 3D etc., will be used to underscore the multiple encoded memory pool that the events are being drawn from.

Project Created: 
January 2004
People: Andreas Berner
Research: Production Lab
Project Type: Photo, Video
Tags: Mixed Media