Object Breast Cancer

Martyrdom of Saint Agatha, detail, by Sebastiano del Piombo / St Peter Healing St Agatha, detail, Giovanni Lafranco

Medical Imaging Technologies provide new images of our "selves"—from the "inside"—while the diseases they are made to diagnose or track give us new "social identities." To enter breast cancerland is to enter a hall of mirrors, with images and identities appearing everywhere: centerfolds to mammos, being a "patient" to becoming a "survivor", losing hair to buying pink, feminism to consumerism.

The breast as medical object or image—with its own codes, vocabularies, and interpretive strategies legible only to experts—is entangled with the breast as social object and art object. What has resulted and what can result from this entanglement?

This is a multipart, multimedia project with both visual/experiential and educational/workshop components.

Project Created: 
March 2010
People: Abou Caraballo-Farman, caraballo-farman, Leonor Caraballo-Farman
Research: Education, Open Culture
Project Type: Activism, Animation, Installation, Video