Object Breast Cancer - 3D Tumors

Ruins (1), detail from an installation of tumors - printed on eyebeam's Dimension 3D printer

For most of the 200,000 women in the United States diagnosed with breast cancer each year, medical imaging is the entry point into the disease. Yet, rarely does a woman get to see her M.R.I. or get a sense of the shape or physicality of the malignancy inside her. Research suggests that tumor visualization can be an important aspect of dealing with the aftermath of cancer, with positive psychological and possibly physiological effects on patients.

After a personal diagnosis of breast cancer, with the help of radiologists we digitally imaged breast cancer tumors obtained from the M.R.I.’s of patients and friends. Through a complex process going from medical imaging to 3D software, which we elaborated during our residency at Eyebeam, we produced concrete forms of breast cancer tumors on the Stratasys Dimension 3D printer. From these 3D prints, we made molds and cast the tumor forms into personal pendants, fetishes, sculptures and an installation. These objects are externalizations of unseen malignancies, which stand in for the extracted tumors.


Project Created: 
November 2010