Over Under Across


Over, Under, Across is a digital video projection work that incorporates drawing and transparent cinemagraphic techniques. The themes of this visual poem are: looking up (over us, "more" than we are), under (down, "less" than we are), and across ("what" we are, across from each other, on the horizontal). These perceptions, acknowledgements and questions have been applied in art for millennia. In this piece, Martin takes on these subjects using current tools that enable him to merge hands-on drawing and painting with light and visual composition. 
Production Assistant: Maureen McMurray

Martin is a pioneering visual composer who has created many unique applications of light and image projection. These have employed such techniques as compound still and moving images, dry and liquid overhead projection, and invented optical systems. Many early works of the 60s were created in collaboration with The San Francisco Tape Music Center, NYU Intermedia Department, and Experiments in Art and Technology. Performances and installations of these compositions have been presented at many museums and universitites. A retrospective of some of these pieces, including a new video projection piece, occurred at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 2000. Interactive sculptures and installations comprise another major area of Martin's work. One of the few accomplished painters in the art and technology field, Martin's painting has been shown frequently in NYC, France, and the Netherlands.

Project Created: 
October 2002
People: Tony Martin
Research: R&D Lab
Project Type: Video
Tags: video, video projection