P2P Gift Credit Card - Gift Finance

Plastic P2P Gift Credit Card

This project proposes an alternative financial model based on Peer-to-Peer architecture for a more equal sharing of wealth in society. It offers an innovative participative system using counterfeited virtual money. By issuing a visionary counterfeited type of VISA credit card, the project introduces the Gift Finance system based on People-to-People free credit shared across digital networks. The Gift Finance is a democratic creation of money directly regulated by ordinary people in order to redistribute wealth in society. The website P2PGiftCredit.com allows people to generate unique virtual card numbers to send to others via digital devices and platforms.

Project Created: 
December 2010
Projects: Gift Finance., P2P Gift Credit Card
People: Paolo Cirio
Research: Open Culture
Project Type: Activism
Tags: activism, Economy, Gift Economy, hacking, tactical media