Pizza Party


Pizza Party was commissioned by Eyebeam R&D for media artist Cory Arcangel as part of his work in the work in the 2004 Whitney Biennial, and implemented by R&D Fellow Mike Frumin. It is a free text based software package for ordering pizza, or for throwing pizza parties. It has many features to make ordering pizza easy:

  • Can order pizza with only a few keystrokes.
  • Can save pizza preferences.
  • Can use batch files for ordering many pizzas.
  • Has easy to use flags for ordering different toppings.
  • Runs on most UNIX-like operating systems.
  • Supports most currently popular topings like "mushrooms", and "pepperoni"
Project Created: 
January 2006
People: Cory Arcangel, Michael Frumin
Research: R&D Lab
Project Type: Software