PleaseSpam.Us (PSU) is a web 2.0 based collaborative filtering project and voting system that encourages people to submit email addresses and vote on whether those addresses are worthy of attracting spammers. If an address receives enough "votes", it is then placed on the front page of the website which is built with the intention of attracting "SpamBots" that will eventually deliver messages to those implicated. The project attempts to critically re-examine the proliferation of electronic communications systems such as email that are built to facilitate instantaneous communication between people as well as to question the advent of collaborative filtering (used by sites like DIGG and all of the "DIGG copycat sites" and "Reputation Systems") as found on many commercial and community oriented sites. The ultimate intention with the project is to explore the tensions of utilizing spam as a cultural and social tool to encourage the debate of how these social systems often work to polarize opinions and pigeonhole debate into specified channels. Instead of voting on general topics of interest which is the focus of these types of sites, PSU is focused on giving a collaborative voice to bringing the abuse of email as a mass broadcasting system into public attention and discussions. The project is also meant to expose the methods and ways Spammers are using to find people's email addresses for spamming and implicate ways of stopping this from happening.

This site is currently down, but you can find more information at

Project Created: 
January 2005
People: Jonah Brucker-Cohen
Research: Open Lab
Project Type: Web