polymorphic [d(eoxyribo)n(ucleic) a(cid)]: a love story


polymorphic [d(eoxyribo)n(ucleic) a(cid)]: a love story
This installation consists two wall-mounted plates containing DNA samples and corresponding digital sequences from the artist and her partner. The DNA, while invisible, is represented in the laser etched plates using contemporary scientific iconography. The DNA sequences are visualized by using two video monitors (with audio) depicting lips speaking the DNA mapped to generative english language. The disembodied lips take turns speaking to one another, at times interrupting at other times remaining silent. The DNA sequence is derived from a collaboration between Lwin and scientists at NYU Medical Center, Study of Human Genomics, and the American Museum of Natural History, Center for Comparative Genomics. polymorphic [d(eoxyribo)n(ucleic) a(cid)]: a love story looks at the contemporary methodology for encoding DNA, and it's application and ethical ambiguities in genetic testing for the purpose of reproduction and it's impact on human evolution.

Project Created: 
August 2006
Projects: polymorphic [d(eoxyribo)n(ucleic) a(cid)]: a love story
People: Marta Lwin
Project Type: Exhibited Project
Tags: biology, installation