Power Cart


The Power Cart is a mobile unit that delivers alternative power to people in the streets.

In most parts of the world, the street is a place where social interactions abound, commerce rules, and street vendors around the globe bring to local populations the things they need right at their door steps. Knife sharpening in India, refills of gas in Africa, fake Gucci bags in Paris and chair massages in New York, the Power Cart takes an old idea from yesterday’s streets and adapts it to serve the needs of today’s urban dwellers. Need a charge on your cell phone? Your laptop is about to die and you really need to check that email? Or maybe there is no power around you at all? Where ever you might be in the world, hail the Power Cart for a quick fix.

Project Created: 
January 2007
People: Mouna Andraos
Research: Middle East, Sustainability, Open Lab
Project Type: Green, Solar