Project Roebling


When the Brooklyn Bridge was built in 1893, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Built by John, Washington and Emily Warren Roebling, it was a feet of engineering that has connected millions of people.

We’re working on our own bridge, for educators to connect students around the world. Partnering with MIT Center for Future Civic Media and Digital Democracy, Project Roebling – named for the builders of the Brooklyn Bridge – is the base for Project Lumiere, our video-based digital penpal program to connect youth internationally.

Built on Development Seed’s OpenAtrium, Roebling provides a secure space for students to share photos & video and complete assignments given by their teachers. Using Roebling will promote digital literacy among the students as they learn to blog and share information online. For teachers, Roebling allows a safe space to share curriculum and lesson plans.

We are thrilled to be partnering with MIT and Digital Democracy on this project, and excited to get feedback from our pilot users this spring!

Project Created: 
August 2009


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Kriss Roebling (Emily and Washington's great-great).