Reentry Series


Bill Dolson's Reentry Series uses multiple synthetic meteors to produce luminous, ephemeral drawings in the upper atmosphere. These drawings will persist for only seconds, at most minutes. The behavior of individual synthetic meteors will be similar to naturally occurring meteors. However, their composition and configuration will be controlled and intentional, exhibiting various elementary geometric relationships which will be obviously premeditated and systematic to any observer. The fact that these are deliberate drawings will be inescapable. The Reentry Series is one of several proposed series of dynamic environmental works which involve the synthesis and plastic use of otherwise naturally occurring, very large scale, time dependent visual phenomena.

The Reentry Series includes components of new media, conceptual and land art. Dolson's residency will be used to create a series of studies and visualizations for large scale works creating highly charged dynamic geophysical events including synthetic meteor showers, artificial cloud formations and large-scale fires. With some of the works meant to be viewed from above responding to the urban landscape, Dolson explores environmental processes or structures already modified by humans and manipulates those processes or structures in a fashion which makes recognition of our impact on the environment unmistakable.

Project Created: 
January 2006