Sexatar Woundatar Deadatar


Working with the philosophy and technology; hardware, wetware, and software, of avatar and human-organic distress and their interrelationships. As an example, the Buddhist four noble truths/processes appear in Second Life - where pain physically cannot occur, but neither can its cessation; where the Way may be stated or inscribed, but where the Way cannot be grasped or ungrasped:

This example is through speech transformed into text; usual texture-mapping, more difficult and discomforting examples may be created. I want to work all of this through choreography, live performance, issues of mimesis. I'm most interested in the retardation of the virtual - slowed up and obdurate, abject and messy, troublesome - and thinking through the politics of this, such a collapse, and such an opportunity for directory of images/video for directory of sound

Project Created: 
September 2011