Shooter explores the theme of immersion in games. The visitor enters the chamber and is surrounded by the ambient sounds of a gaming arcade. In the center, a mirrored cube emits laser beams that weave a web throughout the space. Upon tripping a laser, visitors find themselves incorporated into the game, experiencing what it feels like to be the target. As with any game, you always lose.

G.H. Hovagimyan is a digital artist. He is one of a number of pioneering artists in New York who began working with the internet and new media in the early nineties. Peter Sinclair is a well-known European sound artist who lives in Marseille, France. The two artists have collaborated together on several works since 1996. Their collaborative works have been shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Marseille and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon, France. Their piece, A SoaPOPera for Laptops, received an honorary mention in the computer music category at Ars Electronica in 1998.

Project Created: 
October 2002