Silver Surfers


"Silver Surfers" (tentative title) is an experimental video piece investigating relationships between age, technological change and progress, and science fiction. Older people are interviewed about their thoughts on the future, science fiction and technological progress. These interviews become the starting point for the development of scenes and story-lines that will be directed by Jacob Ciocci and acted partially by the elderly. So far Jacob has collaborated with members of the New School's Institute for Retired Professionals in a series of interviews and there are plans to collaborate with other individuals and organizations in the coming months.





Project Created: 
April 2010


Surfing around this site I

Surfing around this site I find your Silver Surfers and it reads as very exciting.  I like the idea of the young interviewing the silver foxes, the "silver set" ... I am very interested in what the implications of their response to questions will be.  Looking forward to a further investigation.  I think you have a new, untried trend that will hopefully enrich us all young and silver foxes alike!