Sleep Dealer


Director: Alex Rivera

Screenwriter: Alex Rivera, David Riker
Executive Producers: Guy Naggar, Peter Klimt
Producer: Anthony Bregman
Cinematographer: Lisa Rinzler
Editor: Alex Rivera
Composer: Tomandandy
Visual Effects Supervisor: Mark Russell

Gorgeous, intelligent, and intensely imaginative, Alex Rivera’s stunning first feature, Sleep Dealer, is set in a near future marked by airtight international borders, militarized corporate warriors, and an underground class of node workers who plug their nervous systems into a global computer network that commodifies memory.

Memo Cruz is a young campesino who lives with his family in a town fighting for its life, the small, dusty farm village of Santa Ana del Rio, Oaxaca. A private company has hijacked control of the area’s water supply and is selling it back to the village at outrageous prices, provoking the mobilization of aqua-terrorist cells. But Memo couldn’t care less about Santa Ana. He loves technology and dreams of leaving his small pueblo to find work in the hi-tech factories of the big cities in the north. He dreams of becoming a node worker and learns how to build his own transmitter, which he uses to hack into the lives of others and live vicariously. One night, he stumbles across a transmission destined to pave the way to the city of the future, but in a way Memo could never have expected.

Burning with visual energy and originality, Sleep Dealer is a fascinating and prescient work of science fiction that is as politically engaged as enjoyable to watch.

Eyebeam Production Lab worked with Mark Russell on elements of the visual effects.

Project Created: 
January 2007


seen the movie last year in

seen the movie last year in italy.
impressed by the visual effects, good work!