South Studio Zero


Torkwase Dyson is readying herself to live nomadically in Studio South Zero (SSZ), the tiny solar powered mobile studio she has built from the ground up.   With it she will cross the country, exploring geographical sites influenced by climate change and environmental injustice. Dyson has invited influential artists, activists, scholars, and scientists to join her in conversations that explore consequential ecological concerns, examining the modest and substantial steps each of us is taking to improve livability for us all. Studio South Zero is charming, cozy, and contemplative. Dyson considers this tiny studio to be part of a monastic practice of creating intimate spaces that generate dynamic connections with both land, science, and people.

Additionally, Dyson will visit historic environments that have impacted black oral and visual traditions.  At each site she produces site specific drawings, paintings, and sculptures conflating the language of cartography, architecture, and landscape architecture.   Her interest in black spatial histories range from the disembarkation points, auctions, and forced labor of New York City’s South Street Seaport and Wall Street district, to the history of the majority Black community of Boykin, Alabama known as Gee’s Bend.  

In the explorative conversations and visual work produced inside of SSZ, Dyson is interested in the language generated by climate science, environmental justice, human geography, and the dignity of place making.   For her, this language is indelibly connected to creating nuanced strategies that support more livable futures for those most vulnerable to climate crises.!studio-south-zero/c202o

Project Created: 
August 2014