Spacesuit Gloves

November 2009 S.W.L. Pressure Gloves

The Spacesuit Gloves project is an attempt to digitally refine and experiment with flat patterns for pressure tight gloves.  The vacuum of space and micro-atmospheres of nearby planets require a safe, lightweight and highly functional pressure tight spacesuit for human exploration.  With gloves as a starting point for the development of a hermetic full body suit, Ted Southern is digitally developing sophisticated flat patterns which, when inflated, allow a full and easy range of motion for the human body in all its variability.  Outer layers for thermal and ballistics protection will also be refined using Eyebeam's facilities.

Pressure tight gloves will be on display interactively, in a vacuum chamber glove box at Eyebeam, and positively inflated for demonstration and test purposes.

Project Created: 
March 2010