The Subnodes project is an open source initiative focused on streamlining the process of setting up a Raspberry Pi as a wireless access point for distributing content, media, and shared digital experiences. The device behaves as a web server, creating its own local area network, and does not connect with the internet. This is key for the sake of offering a space where people can communicate anonymously and freely, as well as maximizing the portability of the network. No dependibility on an internet connection means the device can be taken and remain active anywhere.

Future plans include enabling mesh networking so that devices within proximity to each other becomes a node in a greater local network, extending range and making it possible to exchange information with each other.

In addition to the practical aspirations of the Subnodes project, participatory social applications are also being developed, ranging from practical (a wireless neighborhood bulletin board) to experimental (social experiments connecting people within the immediate vincinity). The first of these is Hot Probs, an open, public chat room that allows for anonymous, untracked conversations.

Project Created: 
January 2013