the Caloris Basin

Commercial Scale Prototype

The Caloris Basin is a new technique for concentrating sunlight to useful temperatures. Presently the energy is used for cooking, and many more uses are possible. It is based on an excavated hemisphere in the ground, and so is significantly less expensive to produce than standard troughs and dishes. Materials research was done at eyebeam, and prototypes are being tested all over North America. Workshops have been held with Sweatshop in Tijuana, Mexico and in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, with more planned internationally. BjornQorn is a New York based food company that is testing the technology on a commercial scale, to make popcorn.

Project Created: 
January 2011
Projects: Caloris Basin
People: Bjorn Quenemoen, Ezer Lichtenstein, Jamie O'Shea
Research: Sustainability
Project Type: Green, Hardware, Learning