The Creatomatic

The scissors compass by Amritha Michelle allows you to cut along accurate directional routes. Photo credit:Phillip Retuta.

The Creatomatic is a piece of software designed to accelerate the imagination and prompt new inventions. It works by randomly juxtaposing diagrams of two everyday objects from a selection of hundreds. Through free association, the two objects can prompt the invention of an entirely new object, which can be practical or nonsensical. Inspired by the accidental nature of creativity, the Creatomatic uses the technique of surprise to overcome habitual ways of thinking and short circuit rational control.

The Creatomatic is presented to the public in the form of workshops where participants learn how to freshen up their neurons and get their creative juices flowing by practicing the Creatomatic Method. The participants are guided step by step from the initial spark of inspiration through the iterative stages of prototyping in order to realize their inventions.

Supported by a grant from the Black Rock Arts Foundation

Project Created: 
January 2012