The Queensbridge Wind Power Project


"The Queensboro Bridge is a beautiful artifact of the industrial age and this project represents the transition that can and must be made from the industrial age, dependent on fossil fuels, to an industrial era that lives off of solar income...wind is solar energy too, and all sustainability is about getting the income to expense ratio on solar income to something that can be sustained by living systems." - Paul Hawken, author of Natural Capitalism in response to The Queensbridge Wind Power Project video The Queensbridge Wind Power Project presents a vision of a future when meeting energy production needs can actually enhance the beauty of a city. Queens generates half of New York City's energy, and the power plants in Queens are affecting the environment. The project investigates how clean, renewable wind power might be integrated into the landmark architecture of the Queensboro Bridge. This art project is designed to engage urban communities in a dialogue about the potential of wind and other alternative energies.

Project Created: 
April 2008
People: Andrea Polli
Research: Sustainability
Project Type: Documentary, Green, Solar
Tags: feedback