Think about the people now


Think of the people now is a Commodore Amiga hyper-media computer programme, based on the theme of a media reported event from the 1990 Remembrance Ceremony in Whitehall, London. A young man ran out from the crowd and set fire to himself and shouted the words "think about the people now" in protest against the ceremony. The media account that followed discussed the event in extreme trivial terms, failing to report anything but minor details and accounting only for the stress felt by the Royal Family and Politicians present. The Amiga hyper-media programme recreates the event through the media reports, trivializing and critiquing the British press. This work was produced as part of the final MFA degree show for The University of Reading in 1991. It was awarded the Golden Nica Award Prix Ars Electronica that year. Think of the people now was exhibited at Eyebeam Atelier as part of the Prix Selection Exhibition.

Project Created: 
March 2004