Wave UFO


Eyebeam's Moving Image Studio created intricately layered computer animation for Mariko Mori's Wave UFO project. Conceived by the artist as a representation of "virtual travel to the infinitely connected world and further, into the inner world of the mind," the completed installation consists of a 30-by-9 foot pearlescent, teardrop-shaped pod in which three visitors at a time experienceing three visual "journeys" projected onto a domed screen above. The first journey creates a decent from the macrocosm of the universe, through the earth's atmosphere, into the pod, the viewers themselves, and finally into a microscopic dream world. The second journey, a rendering of the internal world, explores the collective power of the mind. In this section, sensors built into the pod record viewer's brain wave data and a custom computer software game engine translates this data into abstract animation. An idealized abstract visualization of the three minds working together is represented in the third journey.