Open Lab


The Eyebeam OpenLab

Overview: R&D for the Public Domain

The Eyebeam OpenLab is a home for artists, engineers and hackers pioneering open source creativity. The first initiative of its kind, the lab is focused entirely on incubating experimental technologies and media that directly enrich the public domain. With funding from the MacArthur Foundation and others, Eyebeam has awarded fellowships to a talented, interdisciplinary group of OpenLab fellows who work in a new facility equipped with a laser cutter, 3D printer, workstations, web servers, and electronics workbenches. These fellows are already generating ideas and building new projects, extending the innovative work of Eyebeam R&D.

Areas of Research

The Eyebeam OpenLab is dedicated to public domain R&D. All our work is distributed under open licenses that allow other artists, hackers, and engineers to remix our work, contribute to our projects, and build on top of our efforts. Specifically, our code is released under, our content is distributed under, and our hardware is released with DIY instructions. Our work is focused in the following areas: Open Networks, Open Information, Open Content, Open Source, Open Fabrication.