R&D Lab


A proliferation of new technologies is expanding the tools that are available to artists. Eyebeam Research and Development (R&D) identified emerging technologies, extended existing technologies, and developed these technologies. The Lab focused on underlying tools with the goal of maximizing the expressive potential of new media. This broadly interdisciplinary work was sustained through partnerships with academic institutions, corporate labs, start up companies, and artist-inventors. Courses, apprenticeships, and special events gave students, professionals, and the general public direct access to the R&D process.

R&D topics included social network theory and viral media, rapid prototyping technology, the history and future of art production environments, and new models for learning. Other topics were covered as part of specific projects and collaborations, including surveillance technology, electronic music production, physical/virtual interfaces, responsive video, wireless networks, displays, biological art, miniaturization, and telepresence.